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Safe, Affordable Water in
Every Tap.
No Exceptions.

Michiganders are facing a crisis: water bills are skyrocketing while federal and state investment in our water infrastructure crumbles. This means some families are paying as much as 25% of their income just to keep the water on.  That's a choice between a warm bath for their child and putting food on the table. It's simply unacceptable.

This Goes Beyond Affordability, It's About Health and Wellbeing

Water shutoffs aren't just a financial burden, they have devastating consequences:


  • Children's well-being: Studies show a link between water shutoffs and increased waterborne illnesses. When kids lack basic sanitation, they miss school and struggle to stay healthy.

  • Family separation: In some cases, children can be removed from their homes within 72 hours of a water shutoff.

  • Stress and hardship: The constant worry about water bills and the threat of shutoff creates a toxic environment for families.

There’s nothing moms

can’t do when we

band together

for our kids.

 Every kid deserves a warm bath and clean water.

We Can Do Better. We Deserve Better.


attention can change

One teacher paying

the course of a

child’s life.

Together, we can end water shutoffs and ensure no family faces an impossible water bill.

Michigan is a water-rich state, yet many families struggle to afford this essential resource. Rising water bills force families to make impossible choices between their basic needs and keeping the water on. 


  • Michiganders pay some of the highest water bills in the country. Costs to improve our aging water infrastructure have been passed on to families, resulting in a nearly 40% increase in water bills since 2010.

  • Families are paying as much as 25% of their income on water alone. This forces them to make impossible choices between basic necessities.

  • Shutoffs are a constant threat. Losing water access has devastating consequences, including increased illness, missed school, and even family separation.

Join the Movement for Water Justice

The WEL Coalition is fighting for a statewide water affordability package. This means:

  1. Tiered water rates: Lower bills for those who need it most.

  2. Limited water shutoffs: No family should lose access to this essential resource.

  3. Debt forgiveness: A path forward for those struggling with water bill debt.

Enjoying Clean Water
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