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About Us

Water Equals Life (WEL) is a coalition of local, statewide and national organizations that believe in the vital importance of water for sustaining life and fostering healthy communities. The founding organizations of the WEL Coalition include We the People Detroit, Freshwater Future, and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). 


We the People of Detroit, with support from Freshwater Future, listened to community needs in Michigan regarding access to affordable water. Based on the community feedback, the pledge was formed, serving as the foundation for the development of legislation to create a state-wide water affordability program for low-income residents.


These organizations, along with NWF, united under a common goal – ensuring equitable access to clean water for all Michiganders. Our alliance stands resolute in advocating to end water shutoffs and championing a pivotal bill that institutes fair and sustainable rate-based water billing, transcending mere water assistance. We strive to transform the water landscape, fostering a future where every individual can partake in affordable and uninterrupted access to this precious resource.

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About our Founding Organizations:

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We the People of Detroit began organizing in 2009 in response to Emergency Management in Detroit. The Founders, collectively, had extensive experience working on water related and water justice issues in the city. In response to the 2014 water shutoff crisis initiated by the Detroit Water and Sewage Department, WPD became a leading advocate for water affordability. Since then, they have led the charge to ensure that all Michiganders have access to clean, safe, drinking water, with an emphasis on affordability vs. assistance.


Freshwater Future has focused their efforts as well on providing clean, safe, affordable drinking water to all residents of the Great Lakes. They are a catalyst for community action that strengthens policies designed to safeguard the waters of the Great Lakes region.  

The National Wildlife Federation works toward an improved ecological balance and safe, equitable access to clean water, air, and land to ensure all wildlife, people, and ecosystems thrive.

WEL Coalition

Our coalition is growing! We have many other partners who believe in water affordability and have joined our campaign. Click their logos below to learn more about our growing list of partners, and join the movement below.

Join our growing coalition of organizations!

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